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Washable wipes - 'surprise me' pack

Washable wipes - 'surprise me' pack

  • These are washable wipes, all made from offcuts of fabric that would otherwise go to waste. They're 9cm in diameter and backed with lovely soft bamboo fleece so they're really kind to your skin.


    There are 3 pack sizes to chose from:

    7 pack - Each pack contains 7 wipes, one for every day of the week. They come in a handy bag which contains a compartment for storing your used wipes. Once you've used a wipe, pop it in there, then when the used side is full, simply pull the drawstring and pop the whole bag in the wash!


    14 pack - Each pack contains 14 wipes and a larger storage bag to keep them in.


    Top up pack - 7 wipes without the bag. If you find that 7 wipes isn't quite enough and you need to top up your supply.


    To personalise your bag, simply pop the recipient's name in the text box above. There is no additional charge for this. If you'd prefer not to personalise the bag, simply leave the box blank and the bag will say "Washable face wipes".


    The wipes are sold as 'surprise packs' which will contain a selection of different prints as they are made from small offcuts of fabric.

  • Delivery times

    Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be made and shipped. If you need your order urgently, for example you're purchasing for a gift, then please contact me before ordering to discuss your requirements.


    All items are sent second class through the Royal Mail. Shipping will be calculated at the checkout.

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